Official Supporter

We believe the SingelSwim is there to be enjoyed by everyone and this is why we created -especially for the little ones up to 10 years who cannot yet participate at the Kidsswim - the possibility to register as an “Official Supporter.” Your child then has a chance to become the “SingelSwim supporter of the year"!

It works simply: you register your child for €5, and make them come playfully dressed to the Swim. As a Mermaid, Fisherman, Rubber Duck, Dolphin, Lifeguard, Seal, Seahorse, Princess or Superman: everything is possible! Preferably with a banner or something with which they can encourage the swimming heroes! 
And maybe they like to be "Bob for a job”. Which can be anything: watering plants, washing the car, bringing newspapers, helping to carry groceries, changing litter boxes, walking the neighbor's dog, selling cakes or drawings on King's Day, read aloud to grandfather & grandmother. This way, the SingelSwim becomes more fun for the 'little ones’ and they can also enjoy helping a little. All amounts small or large can simply be donated via the site! In this way we make an even bigger party of the 5th Singelswim Utrecht! At the award ceremony, the winner will be announced with the title "SingelSwim Supporter of the year”. 
All participants will receive an official medal.
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