Have you always wanted to swim in the Utrecht Singel? Are you between 10 and 15 years old, healthy and in possession of an A and B diploma? Then swim along with the 3rd edition of the KidsSwim Utrecht on Sunday 16 June!

The KidsSwim starts at 1 pm in Park Lepelenburg. At 12.30 Basic-Fit provides the warming up for the kids.

Father's day

You will swim the first 800 meters of the official 2km course of the SingelSwim Utrecht. You will not do this alone, but together with a supervisor aged 18 or older. Also this year the SingelSwim is on Father's Day. Experience a fun sporty Father's Day together by swimming for a good cause and enjoying the festival atmosphere with live music, among other things! Are you up for the challenge? Swim with your big brother or sister, your mother, uncle or neighbor.

The KidsSwim has its own page where all kids between 10 and 15 years can work together to swim a nice sum against the muscle disease FSHD.


The children and their supervisors gather at Park Lepelenburg. They swim together the last 800 meters of the official 2 km course. From the start to the turning buoy is 400 meters and then they swim back to Park Lepelenburg. A nice swimming trip where all family members, friends and acquaintances can encourage the children twice up close from the shore.


For participation in the KidsSwim Utrecht there is an age limit for children from a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 years. In addition, the children must be healthy and demonstrably have obtained their A and B diploma. A child always swims with a supervisor (age 18+). If the supervisor is not the child's parent, the parent must sign an authorization for the supervisor concerned on the release.

Just like at SingelSwim Utrecht, the children and their supervisor are required to wear a wetsuit. Participants can rent a wetsuit from our partner Sailfish for € 25. Make the reservation on time, because you run out! The wetsuits can be picked up on the day of the event at the Sailfish stand.

Costs € 45 per child (incl. Companion)

Participation in the KidsSwim Utrecht is € 45.00 for a child with a supervisor. The children also collect swimming donations for the FSHD muscle disease. Are you up for the challenge? Then register now for the 5th edition of the KidsSwim Utrecht.