Spieren voor Spieren

Children should be able to run carefree, to play games and to do sports. For 20,000 children in the Netherlands this is not that simple. They have a muscular disease and are constrained in what they can do. We believe that every child deserves a muscular strength and healthy muscles. We also believe that together with medical specialists, business partners and all (top) athletes in the Netherlands we can provide for a better quality of life for children with muscular dystrophies and their families and offer them a better perspective for the future. Our mission is to join our efforts in finding a cure for all muscle diseases that children suffer from.

Through sport fundraising we carry out actions and events in which sport plays the leading role and which help to build the friendship with sporting partners. Together with the (former) top athletes we can bring even more attention to our course. In this way we create a community where interaction in encouraged between healthy and diseased muscles and where a child with a muscle disease gets the deserved attention: the interaction that we all can profit from.

We therefore support the initiative of the Foundation SingelSwim Utrecht and we call on everyone to come up with a sporting action. Accept the challenge and get healthy muscles in for diseased muscles, swim along the SingelSwim Utrecht. Support the search for a cure for FSHD.

More information about the Spieren voor Spieren Foundation, its activities, research for the FSHD  and how you can help can be found at www.spierenvoorspieren.nl