Safety and water quality

The Utrecht Singel is not an official bathing place. The local Water Authorities will do their best to get the water as clean as possible. For instance, a few days prior to the event the Singel will be cleared of any wrecks. The water board monitors water quality and assesses whether it is safe enough to swim in. To underline this, one of the water board members, Mr. de Dijkgraaf, is also an advisor on our committee. We also advise all of our participants to get vaccinated against tetanus if they have not had the vaccination in the last 10 years.  Anyone with an open wound and women who are pregnant are advised not to take part in the Swim Singel Utrecht. More information about swimming in the Singel can be found on the Public Health Service website.

Health and disclaimer
We ask all participants to fill in a health declaration and to sign a disclaimer, stating that, as a participant in the SingelSwim Utrecht you agree to swim at your own risk. To be able to join the SwimSingel Utrecht participants must be in good health, at least 16 years old, not pregnant and not have any serious health complaints that would compromise their abilty to swim the distance.

To participate in the Kids Swim Utrecht children must be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 years old. In addition, all children should be healthy and have obtained level A and B swimming diplomas. Each child must be accompanied by an adult (age 18+). If the supervisor is not the parent of the child, the parent must sign a disclaimer to provide an authorization for the supervisor.

Wearing a wetsuit is mandatory for all participants during the Singel Swim Utrecht and Kids Swim Utrecht.